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In the middle of a deserted village stood a man, dressed in a red cloak and stuck somewhere between ‘adult’ and ‘elderly’ in his face. Although he looked more close to ‘elderly’ with the frown he was currently wearing. Not that he was the only one who would lose a couple of years upon entering a village that should not be completely empty, of course. In fact, most people would’ve run away by now, screaming of ghosts and black magic. But this man knew ghosts were nothing to be scared of, and magic wasn’t evil by itself. However, a village didn’t lose its inhabitants like this. And that made the man worried. Not scared, no not in the slightest. He had traveled too far and learned too much to still feel fear. But worried. He was worried about what has become of this empty market square. It should’ve been bustling with people trying to sell and buy all kinds of goods, from fresh vegetables to hidden treasures. But it wasn’t. Like if everybody grabbed their stuff and left at exactly the same time. Except that this didn’t really happen. Ever. And the man knew this all too well.

Dressed in a cloak of a lighter shade of red came a woman. She looked younger, but also more scared. Like she wanted to drag the man with her out of the forsaken place and hide from the unseen horrors haunting her. The man, however, didn’t even look at her face when he spoke. “Calm down. Whatever it was, it’s gone now.” His voice was filled with warmth and calmness when he spoke. Like a soft musical instrument that hit you right in your heart and left its fingerprints there. “I don’t know what exactly it was, but it’s no longer here. It moved on.” The woman nodded, calming down at the sound of the man’s voice alone. What he was saying didn’t really matter to her, because she knew it didn’t change the situation. She was smart enough to know this. “We need to chase it, right?”, she muttered. Her voice was very different, sharp and afraid, almost piercing even when she spoke softly. She expected the man to confirm her statement, but he did not. He shook his head. “We do not follow it. As I said, I do not know what it was. It’s too dangerous.” All calmness he had given to the woman was lost in those words. She was her scared old self again. “Well let’s get out of here than! It creeps me out to be here!”, she wasn’t nagging, she was pleading. Begging the man to leave the village. The man, however, didn’t move. “No Amine, we can’t go yet. We need to find a trace. We need to find out what has caused this.” Amine sighed at this. It was always the same, she knew. That man next to her would get himself into mayor trouble and they would be running for a decade or so. Every. Single. Time. “Can we go home after that?” Now she was just plain stating her opinion. And it was one he should follow and stick with, if Amine had anything to say about it. Not that she would ever dare to force him. Not officially, no. “Yeah, we will go home after this.”, the man replied. “Because it feels like something I cannot fix by myself.”

And Amine reached a completely different level of scared.


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